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How to Generate Web Traffic

Once you have set up your Google Analytics account, you will no doubt find yourself checking the number of web visitors to your site. Many business owners base the success of their business on the number of visitors to their website and not their business objectives. Your web traffic must be relevant and drive your business objectives. 

Website traffic 101

Tips for driving traffic to your site:

  1. Search Engine Optimization – applying SEO techniques that will get your site evaluated by search engines, and indexed, will increase your organic web traffic and thus your advertising spend.
  2. Buy a top-level domain, i.e. a .com or .net domain. These domains rank higher than second-level domain names like .tv or .biz.
  3. Add share buttons to your site to allow web visitors to share your content across the web.
  4. Participate in forums. Take the lead by starting a discussion on a topic for which you have existing content. Add a link to this content in your forum.
  5. Use influencers to promote your content and services. You can ask influencer bloggers to view your content. If they like it, they will share it.
  6. Add links to content in your site, in the centre of guest posts hosted, on high-quality sites. 
  7. Promote giveaways in the form of contests. You can use platforms like Gleam or Reddit. The name of your prize should be your keyword.
  8. Do some A/B testing to discover which content drives the most traffic. You can create two variations of the same content to see which ranks higher.
  9. Create a content marketing strategy. Define your target audience and consider your key objectives: drive sales, sign-up for a newsletter. Post regularly.
  10. Use 4Shared.com to share files, e.g. videos, books, music, photos. See what others are sharing and upload a file of the same name.
  11. Use affiliate programs.
  12. Launch an email campaign and email promotions with discount coupons.
  13. Drive traffic to your site by running PPC ads or Facebook ads.
  14. Create a Google Search Console account and request indexing of URLs.
  15. Do not add lots of duplicate content on your site
  16. Use YouTube to publish videos that relate to your business. 
  17. Try AdBlade. They embed content-style ads on other sites in your niche. These ads will look like part of the advertising site, so visitors are more likely to click on them. 
  18. Create and publish your content on other platforms such as LinkedIn or eZine Articles. 
  19. Write an evergreen blog post that will not become dated if it is read 10 years from now. Add a catchy headline that uses a long-tail keyword and a call-to-action. The article should be between 1000-2000 words long. Once posted, share it on social media. 
  20. Sign up to the blogger-promotional exchange website, viralcontentbee.com. Link your social media accounts and get influencers to share your content.
  21. Check out ispionage.com. It will give you an advantage over your competitors by showing you the paid and free keywords they are using.
  22. Do not add lots of ads or external links to your site as search engines will rank it as spam and your search engine rankings will decline and thus your web traffic.

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