Advantages of Facebook for business

The advantages of having a Facebook page

There are many advantages to having Facebook business page:

  • If your content management system (CMS) has a Facebook shop plugin, customers can shop directly from your Facebook page. Alternatively, you can create a shop – from scratch – on your Facebook page.
  • You can list special offers and events.
  • For brand exposure, set up Facebook Groups.
  • You can promote your website through paid advertising and get real traffic and customers for your website.
  • You can utilize Facebook Live Authority, video streaming, to connect to your followers and grow your brand. With over 1 billion Facebook users, video marketing on this social media platform is a popular and smart business choice. The video streaming market will be worth 70.05 billion dollars by 2021.
  • In terms of pay-per-click, Facebook offers more precise targeting due to detailed information that can be gathered from the user’s profile page.

Facebook Ads best practices

  • Most of your Facebook content will be made up of images and videos indirectly related to your business and a few unrelated but interesting posts. Do not publish text-only posts. They do not convert well in terms of sales.
  • Post 2-3 times a day only.
  • To increase customer engagement and to get more followers for your page, use promoted and boosted ads.
  • Use multi-product and offer ads to boost sales. Multi-product ads are powerful because they let visitors browse a selection of your products in one ad. Bear in mind, you can get both likes, followers and sales from running offer and multi-product ads only.
  • Use Facebook Insights to obtain detailed information about your target audience and to track your conversions.
  • Repeat what works through testing. Set up a maximum of five low cost ads, with varying target audiences, visuals and ad descriptions, to see which ad (or ads) result in the highest conversions.

Why choose Facebook ads?

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