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Small Business Web Hosting Solutions

If you are a small business looking for an affordable web hosting provider can be a little daunting. Most importantly, you want a hosting provider that offers all of these services:

  • Domain names
  • SSL certificates
  • Business email hosting
  • Security
  • Full customer support

If you are setting up a website and don’t have a lot of time, or technical know-how, you should purchase all of the above from the same hosting provider. If you purchase these services from different websites, it can be a hassle integrating them with your domain name provider.

Things to consider when choosing a web host provider

Look for a SSD (Solid State Driver) web hosting provider. SSD drives load 20 times faster than the traditional turbo drives, which means your website pages will load quicker.

Thoroughly research web hosting service providers before committing. Look for online reviews and check “Uptime” scores. The best web hosting providers should offer 24-hour technical support, server reliability, easy to use hosting panels, email account hosting, daily site backups, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited domains, at no extra cost.

Some hosting providers even offer free domain names and website builders.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting, also known as self-hosting is a popular choice for small businesses. With self-hosting, you manage your own Linux-based control panel or server account. In effect, you have become your own website host provider. If you are self-hosting, the chances are you will get a cPanel. This is a low-cost way of hosting your own site.

Shared hosting solutions are more flexible because you can make changes to the code and script files. While shared hosting solutions are cheaper than hosted solutions, you may find it time-consuming to get the support you need for installation, set up and site administration.

A web hosting service provider will rent out a space on their server for you to run your website. You can normally add a minimum of two websites from your virtual web hosting dashboard for only a few dollars/pounds a month.

It is possible to install and manage your own website with no web development or programming experience but do not forget you are just renting a space from the web hosting provider. Let me give you an analogy. If you are renting a space in the car park, you would not contact the car park owner every time you had a problem with your car. You would go to a mechanic unless the problem with your car was caused by someone or something within the car park. Therefore, do not expect your hosting providers to come to your rescue every time you get stuck with website configuration.

What Namecheap has to offer

Namecheap domains are still cheap given the current market. A .com domain is going to cost you around $9.06 per year. This comes with a Free WhoisGuard. A WhoisGuard will prevent website ownership details, such as your name, address, and telephone number showing in search engine results.

Some years ago, Namecheap was one of the few domain name providers that gave you the option of purchasing a .com domain name for $0.99. Yes, it was truly cheap! These days, no domain name provider, is offering top-level domain name for $0.99. They offer one of the best shared hosting plans around, complete with SSD and Cloudflare, which provides an extra layer of security and improves site speed.

Namecheap shared hosting

Other benefits

  • 24-hour hosting support
  • The ability to sell unused domains you’ve purchased
  • A grace period for expired domains, so they’re not made available for anyone else to buy the moment they expire (if you forget to set auto-renew)
  • A range of other hosting, including WordPress, Virtual Private Server (VPS), and web migration hosting
  • They provide support for web migration and domain name transfers
  • They offer logo maker and business card services
  • They have how-to-video tutorials and other resources for when you need help
  • Their shared hosting plans include a free website builder and automatic SSL installation
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