how to do content marketing

Understanding content marketing 

Good content marketing involves engagement, distribution and a call-to-action.

These days, content and engagement is king. And not just any content, unique, well written, rich content. It should sound natural. If you get your products from a dropshipper or an established online retailer with a wholesale account, do not copy and paste their descriptions into your own website to save time; all this will do is downgrade your site.

You will be penalized by Google if you have thin content on your web pages. You can check for penalties in the manual action section of Google Webmaster tools. Thin content is duplicate content that is found on the site or auto-generated content. You should also avoid “doorway pages”, purposely written with keyword terms for search engines, but they don’t make much sense to the reader.

Use structured data such as rich snippets and rich cards to control how you want your web pages to appear in Google’s search results.

Where to find content?

  • Use Buzzsumo to find current trending topics.
  • Set up Google Alerts on topics relevant to your business. You can sift through them when they arrive in your Gmail inbox and then add them to your tweeting schedule.
  • Take content from other social media platforms and personalize it with a comment of your own.
content marketing best practices for small businesses infographic
Content marketing best practices for small businesses

Types of content to include in your content marketing calendar 

  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Apps
  • Microsites
  • Images
  • Quizzes
  • Articles
  • Surveys
  • Polls
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • eBooks

Where to share your content

How to set up Google Alerts

To set up Google Alerts, login into google alerts. Search for the keyword terms for which you want to receive alerts and how frequently you would like to receive them. Any news about your chosen topics will be sent to your Gmail account. You can use the information to keep up to date with your chosen niche, share it on your social media platforms, build backlinks, and network with other people/businesses with the same interests.

Connect with Influencers

Find out who is sharing your content. Do some outreach work to connect with influencers: these can be celebrities’, or people who are passion about your products and/or website. Ask them for an interview. You can then mention them in one of your articles. Their mention can help increase sales.

Connect with influential bloggers, relevant to your niche, and ask them to write a blog post about your products or business. You can offer them a free product or discount in return.

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