Domain names

Domain Name Basics

Choosing a domain name

Pick a unique domain name, not one that is similar to your competition. Brand names tend to rank higher than domain names that are based on keyword search terms.

Choose a domain name that is easy to remember and that does not include hyphens or numbers. Purchase a .com domain name extension, and a domain name extension for your own country if you live outside the USA, even if you have no plans to use it. This will prevent anyone else using a localized version of your domain name.

Buying a domain name

If you live in the United Kingdom and plan to ship within the UK, buy a domain name. You may later decide that you want to sell internationally and will want to set up a .com website as well. Purchase both domain name extensions and then you will always have the option to grow your online store. You can always sell domain names that you no longer use.

Domain names

A few of the best places to buy a domain name are,, and

How to link your domain to a hosting provider service

Once you have brought your domain name and installed your content management system (CMS), you will need to access your domain name account and connect it to the hosting provider’s server from there. If your server is not hooked up to your domain name*, you will not be able to see your website when you type the website address into your web browser.

Your hosting provider will give you your DNS (Domain Name Server) information.

Your domain name server set up information will usually consist of two server addresses, which will look something like this:

Add this information to the fields provided in your domain name account dashboard. This is the website from which you brought the domain name, not your CMS admin dashboard.

What’s in a web address name?

What's in a web address name, domain name

*To make setting up your website easier, buy the hosting services, SSL certificate, business email accounts, etc, from a sole reputable domain vendor.

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