How to promote your PPC campaigns

Promote your PPC activities

Don’t assume you’ll get tons of traffic from the search engine where you have your PPC campaign. Instead, opt to bring traffic in from various sources back to areas where you can generate PPC income. That means that you are going to strategically promote search engines, content, websites, and blogs as much from your own online activities as from search engine placement. Here are a few ways to do that.

Article marketing

You can create articles to submit to article directories with keywords that you are exploiting on your own site or with similar keywords. This will grab significant interest from readers on these sites, and then you can send them to your website using the resource box at the bottom of each article. This is a technique to grab targeted traffic from various article directories around the Web. You can upload the same article to multiple directories using services that allow you to do that, and you will have instant mega traffic that is highly interested in your ads.

Use blog comments to promote your PPC campaigns

If you have a bunch of links to blogs dealing with the niche to which you are marketing, you can join in the conversation and add a link back to your content or sites. This way, you can get a direct stream of highly-targeted traffic back to your offers.

Add a signature line to emails

You should have an automatic signature that promotes your various online content to drive people back to your sites. If you are doing email campaigns for your products and services, why not expose your email list to the content that’s free, but that also has ads that they can click on and generate income for you that way? It’s a very inoffensive way to market your ad links.

Promote on social networks

When you have a new page up and you want to promote it heavily, use a site like to submit it to many social networking sites at once. You can thus update your Facebook and Twitter status, include it on bookmarking sites like, and submit it to social networking search engines like StumbleUpon. Rather than doing this one at a time, you can automate it so that when new content comes online, it will be easily distributed across your social networks with one click.

Get the traffic you want

One of the biggest problems with PPC advertising, both as an advertiser and as a publisher, is not attracting the traffic that is most likely to buy your products. If you get millions of people to visit your sites and even to click your links, but they are not in a demographic that is buying, you are wasting your money. This is one of the reasons that advertisers and publishers have a tough time making money with this method. Their campaigns are just not targeted well enough to make the right people show up at their door. Yes, they get many new people showing up, just not the right people. 

You do have the option to limit your searches to specific countries, so do that, and you will get better-targeted traffic.

They will let you include gender and age, as well as location, to help you refine who actually sees your ads and who doesn’t. This makes it a very easy way to keep your CPC ROI very high.

Targeting your traffic doesn’t just help you generate more valid clicks from potential buyers, but it can also help you weed out spammers and click fraud artists. In some cases, you can set up your campaign to block specific domains from the account. It may be limited to 500 domains that can be blocked, but at least you can remove those people who are not generating any income, any targeted traffic, and who are potentially abusing the system. Once you block these people from your ad campaign, they will not be served any of your ads, and you will have tightened the traffic to make it more authentic. 

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