LinkedIn marketing for business

Why LinkedIn should be part of your business marketing strategy

Consider using LinkedIn marketing for your business strategy. Owned by Microsoft, LinkedIn has over 500 million users. It is used for professional development and career progression. It has a learning platform and provides resources and global organisation information.

LinkedIn strategy quoteIt’s not a social networking platform that people associate with retail marketing. However, it’s a common platform for B2B (business-to-business) marketing. Over 90% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn, and research has shown that B2B websites receive 50% of their traffic from LinkedIn.

It’s popular with US companies and generates three times more conversions than Twitter or Facebook.

LinkedIn is a great place to generate leads. The LinkedIn InMail boxes receive more opens than regular email boxes. This is because LinkedIn members do not need to create a sign up form.

What can you do on LinkedIn?

  • Video marketing
  • Product launches and events
  • Subscription-based learning with video tutorials from industry experts
  • Set up business Company Pages from your personal account.
  • Post your job vacancies or headhunt potential employees for your business
  • Discover influencers and thought leaders
  • Drive business through sponsored content and in-mail ads
  • It supports re-targeting and an audience network. The audience network are websites that display LinkedIn ads, and can generate an 80% increase in clicks.
  • Create Slideshare presentations
  • Generate leads with lead gen forms.
  • Like all paid platforms, you will also be able to view your metrics and set your budget.

LinkedIn Groups

Use LinkedIn groups to build your mailing lists. You can then send invites to people in your industry. Note, that they will only receive your invites if they have notifications turned on.

To build a mailing list from LinkedIn, click in the LinkedIn search bar and select People and then All Filters. Here, you will find potential leads to add to your contact list.

Tips for LinkedIn marketing success

  • Think about the LinkedIn marketing strategy you want to deploy for your business. Use Gen Forms to get leads. To drive traffic, use text ads to direct visitors to your content and website. Publish videos to create engagement.
  • You will need to publish at least 10 pieces of content before seeing a conversion.
  • Publish posts directly on the LinkedIn platform. Self-contained posts perform better than posts that come from an external link.
  • You can target certain countries or industries easily by uploading your own email lists or importing them through a CRM (Content Relationship Manager System) like Salesforce.
  • Include a call-to-action in your posts.
  • Make use of engaging videos to showcase your products and services.
  • Add an eye-catching banner to your company page.
  • Add a Follow button to your ad.
  • Target your audience by uploading your email list.
  • Make use of LinkedIn plugins. They are usually available with most Content Management Systems (CMSs’), including WordPress.
  • Re-purpose your content on Slideshare.
  • Share statistics and infographics.
  • Comment on competitors updates.
  • Your audience should be included in the headline of your post, e.g. tent suppliers.
  • Create Showcase Pages to promote various products or different aspects of your business.
  • Check the website demographics in the campaign manager to ensure that you are reaching your target customer.
  • Make sure your personal business profile is completed in full and encourage your employees to complete theirs. You can also ask them to share your company’s content in their posts.
  • Join groups in your industry to build your network.
  • Post company updates once or twice a day.

LinkedIn Campaign Manager

LinkedIn Tools

  • Crystalknows – social personality platform
  • eLinkPro – automated to visit 800 LinkedIn profiles.
  • LeadFuze – social prospecting tool to collect leads
  • LinkedProspect – prospecting automation software for bulk messaging and invites.
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