Pinterest marketing tips

Why include Pinterest in your marketing strategy?

Pinterest has about 150 million users. It is a social media application that displays images to give users ideas and inspiration. You should consider adding Pinterest in your 2020 marketing strategy because it’s good for indirect sales and driving traffic. It also gives a good insight into product trends and works well with affiliate marketing.

Open a Pinterest business account. Add your website link, description and profile picture to your page.

Introduction to Pinterest

Pinterest marketing tips for 2020 

Offer meaningful content on all your boards,  either as a video or a series of photos. You do not have to share all the details but something that will raise your user’s interest. Make sure that the content is high-quality, free, valuable to all your Pinterest visitors, and covers a wide variety of topics. Tweet, post and share the content that is available on your business website. Exposure to your website, and the services or products, will increase the more you pin and others pin your content.

Let us explore some other Pinterest marketing strategies that drive big traffic to your website:

  • Do not add more than four images to one Pin.
  • Use clear high-quality images for your Pins.
  • Infographics work well on Pinterest.
  • Create vertical Pins to optimize for mobile devices.
  • Add a short description to the Pin.
  • Share, follow and comment on high volume “repins”
  • Make use of Rich Pins. Rich Pins allow you to add extra information to your page such as the product price, author name, locations, etc.
  • Use text overlays to add additional information about your Pins.
  • Create separate boards for each of your products. Do not clump them all together.
  • Create a board for your customers asking them to post Pins of themselves using your product.
  • Use Shop the Look pins to add product information and direct visitors to your site.
  • Use clear-text overlays on images to show more information about your product or service.
  • Run cost-per-click ads to promote a pin. Note, however, that you cannot add call-to-actions or buy buttons in your Pin.
  • Do not post anything that is time-sensitive, e.g. text that says “Just in” because it will not be “Just in” in 5 years’ time but your Pin will.

Establishing your Pinterest goals

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