Quora marketing tips

What is Quora all about?

Quora is no doubt a great tool for brands and marketers thanks to its social nature. Big brands and businesses of all types have not missed the opportunity to grow their online presence with Quora marketing.

It is a social media platform where users can interact by asking questions and providing answers to each other. It is perhaps the simplest-to-use “question and answer” site you can find, and it works like an open ended yet very streamlined internet forum.

It is growing and improving every day, and there are many brands and businesses joining it as we speak.

It works like an open ended yet very streamlined internet forum. Anyone can join the site, and it just takes a few clicks to ask questions or give answers.

Using Quora features to market your business

Crowdsource content from Quora

Quora can be an incredible tool for marketing research. You can use it to research content for your blog posts, or to collect information about people in your audience. The best part is that you can crowdsource it, and all you have to do is to publish a question. We already mentioned that posting questions is a great way to engage with your audience, but can also help you to collect user generated content. Just post questions to know the opinion of people about a topic you need to collect information on, save it, and use it as the information for your next content marketing project.

Create thought-provoking answers

Building your reputation as an authority and raising brand awareness by distributing your content on Quora is great, but there are a few other things you can learn to go the extra mile. The following tips we’ll give you here will help you to boost your chances of going viral or landing a sweet mention on a bigger site.

Take up space

The first rule of a thought-provoking answer is that it has to take up plenty of space. Be bold and disrupt the user experience in a positive way by creating answers that don’t leave much spare room for others to contribute. To apply this strategy effectively, you have to make an effort to always respond first or second. Follow up by composing a long-form answer divided into a minimum of three paragraphs

Answer off-topic questions that are difficult to respond to

We are sure that you know a lot about certain topics that are off limits to your niche, but they’re a great opportunity to build a genuine connection with certain members of your audience. For example, if you know Spanish, or are a native Spanish speaker, or you know any other language, you will find that a lot of your followers are asking questions about it. You will also notice that, a lot of the time, these questions go unanswered because they’re difficult to answer, and the people who know the answers don’t use Quora.

These are great opportunities to jump in and provide a thoughtful answer to these questions, using the same expert voice you use when responding to questions in your niche. This will cause people to also see you as an expert in a different field, and will start sending questions directly to you. This has the effect of increasing your ranking, and exposing you to an even larger audience.

Quora marketing strategies to boost your brand

Quora marketing do’s and don’ts

Stick to questions and answers in your niche

Limiting your scope to answering questions in your niche is the safest way to really demonstrate your knowledge about your target industry and to establish authority.

Participate regularly and consistently

It is important that you stay active by answering questions regularly, if possible at a fixed time of the day. This will help you increase brand recall among readers who see your answers regularly in their feed.

Be genuine

Being open about who you are, whether you’re using Quora as a personal brand or company, as well as about why you are actually qualified to answer questions

Don’t steal your answers

Never use content from other sources as the literal answer to a question. Duplicate content is not tolerated by Quora or their community.

Don’t be off topic

Avoid commenting or replying to a question if you don’t have anything valuable to add to the conversation. After all, Quora is not a forum or board.

Don’t give “black or white” answers

Don’t reply to a question with a simple answer, with a “black or white” statement, or with a “yes” or a “no”. Be mindful about your answers, and try to write over 250 words for each.

Don’t use calls to action

Don’t encourage people to click on any link with a call to action, as this is seen as spam. Instead, drop links as additional resources to the answer you are providing so people can follow them from the content naturally.

Don’t sleep on questions

You have to reply to questions as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you risk someone else providing an answer that gets upvoted until it’s on top, which will leave you with no chance of participating in a relevant way.

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