Reddit marketing tips

How to use Reddit to market your business

Reddit is a social bookmarking site with over 330 million users. You need to subscribe to Sub reddits, which are niche communities. The bigger the community, the more people you can reach. It operates something like a cross between a forum and a social media site. As with either of those, it allows you to create your own profile and then share posts from around the web. And like a social media site, it lets you choose which content you want to see on the homepage when you log on.

Unlike social media sites, however, Reddit is not about updating people on what you’ve had for lunch but rather provides a series of smaller communities (called ‘Sub Reddits’) for discussing a range of different topics. You can find Reddits on almost everything from gaming, to books, news, and health and fitness.

You can use Reddit as a great way to find trending content you can share to your own social media accounts. This makes it very similar to using something like BuzzSumo – but free.

Get to know Reddit

Reddit marketing tips

Marketing productively on this platform takes time. Redditors hate self-promotion and excessive link sharing, regardless of whether you join a sub reddit or not. Your posts can get up-voted or down-voted, depending on how many people rate them. Contribute to sub reddits and share relevant content to market effectively as you’ll need to build a reputation and not just plug your own work.

Redditors are quick to comment if they feel you are violating the rules, which can result in a ban. Always check sub reddit rules before you post.

The one self-promotion that garners few complaints from Redditors (if you post to the relevant sub reddit) is free stuff. If you have published a free eBook related to your product or business, and I strongly suggest you do, you can submit the link to free book/free download sub reddits (there is more than one).

Reddit do offer paid advertising. However, the return on investment (ROI) is not as good as other social media paid advertising platforms.

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