Snapchat marketing for business 2019

Why use Snapchat to market your business?

It is popular among the under-30s. It has more than 188 million daily users. It’s a great advertising platform and is popular with brands. Users communicate and share information with pictures and videos. Most brands use Snapchat business to launch new products.

Their paid advertising campaigns are very effective, but they are not cheap. One campaign could cost you over $2500/£2000. Advertise your business by opening a Snapchat business account.

Stories for business

The marketing strategy here is to create a buzz by creating imaginative stories. Snapchat displays these stories for 24 hours.

Tips for marketing your business:

  • Give access to live events.
  • Give users exclusive offers. Post promotion codes, contests and giveaways. You can post these on your website and other social media platforms to encourage Snapchatters to follow you.
  • Partner with social media influencers to help spread your brand’s reach and awareness.
  • Use captions and emojis to make your stories stand out.
  • Engage with Snapchatters and encourage them to post videos and pictures of themselves using your product. Offer them a discount or a free product in return.
  • Add your Snapchat user name to your website along with your QR code (machine-readable barcode). You can create your QR code in Snapchat. This code will help you get more followers and allow you to connect with other Snapchatters.
  • Display your QR code on your other social media platforms, business cards and other promotional material.
  • Use the Lens Studio app to create virtual reality experiences and propel your marketing strategy.
  • To get followers, find out what’s trending on Snapchat and create similar content to share across all your social media platforms.
  • Post at fixed times of the day to maximize your reach.
  • To get an idea of what works, check out brand name, Snapchat successes.
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