TikTok influencer marketing

Why TikTok?

As the days go by, TikTok is becoming increasingly popular, and a large number of businesses are now receiving traffic from this platform. It is not difficult to obtain traffic from a platform that is in an inaugural period. Because of this it is necessary to have excellent TikTok influencer marketing strategies to gain more followers and traffic.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is an application that came out of nowhere, was created in China where it is known as DOUYIN and for the rest of the world it is known as TikTok.

It joined musical.ly where young people could upload music videos where they could synchronize the movements of their lips with the music which was sensational. It been the most downloaded application during the year 2018 and the first quarter of 2019.

Setting up a profitable TikTok Influencer Marketing campaign

Brands benefit from TikTok mobile marketing in three ways

  • The user can create their own channel and upload videos that they consider to be relevant.
  • The user can work with influential people to help their content be disseminated more widely.
  • The user can pay to advertise on TikTok, although it does not have the same scope as YouTube. However, it can become more popular and stable over time.

Using “Discover” as a powerful marketing tool

Strategies to increase followers

Carry out your own research

Without hesitation, researching and obtaining remarkable information from your own niche remains the most important factor for success. The first thing to do is to learn all that you can about your closest competitors.

You must know the content they are creating; you must know the specifics about the success they obtain from their videos. This may be difficult, but it is worth taking calculated measures. It is when you investigate them that you are able to recognize some mistakes that they might be making. By filling the void and doing things differently you can stand out.

Create content that is useful and creative

One of the most entertaining ways to see what we like in social networks is through the videos that have become super popular today. But to be able to attract our audience and promote our products successfully we must create videos that have content with a high degree of utility and that are very creative. In this way we can keep our followers interested.

Our video has to look highly interesting so that our content gets their attention and can add value to our users. Use your creativity. Remember, people use different social networks to entertain themselves, so don’t upload videos that bore the viewer.

Do create a profile that looks fascinating. This is a transcendent detail since the information you provide can leave a great impression on the people who look and visit your profile.

Discover your own style, do not imitate the content that is created by others. Be original, enjoy creating your videos since the viewers of your videos can see if you enjoyed making the video or not.

First, ask yourself why people would want to follow you. What does your account offer that others do not? Are you a good dancer or actor? All these questions will help you get to know your audience, remember that you are not making videos for yourself.

TikTok marketing do’s and don’ts

Don’t create boring videos or videos without any utility. Remember that you are not making videos for yourself but for an audience, you should not make a wide range of videos trying to keep everyone happy.

Don’t reveal much personal information in your profile. Some people misuse TikTok so it is not convenient for you to reveal a lot of information about yourself, you must be careful.

Do not upload videos and images that people can use to abuse. Don’t upload videos that generate violence. Users of social networks use this medium to have fun, meet people and learn things. You want to grow your network of followers on TikTok, so if your videos are full of violence, your followers will stop following you.

Avoid using a long username. If you want to make an impact when creating your account don’t choose a long and complicated username, choose an easy and attractive name that hooks your followers. And don’t be generic when creating your profile. If you talk about many things at once your followers will not understand what your page is about.

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