Twitter for business marketing tips

Using Twitter for your business

What strategy do you need to deploy?

If you want to use Twitter for business, you need to establish a content strategy. Use this strategy in conjunction with another social media platform like Facebook. Your aim should be to generate multiple interactions, gain more followers, and have your followers share your content.

You need to make your followers feel as if they are part of a community. Do not go for the hard sell and keep tweeting about your business, unless you are promoting a special offer or event. Instead, sell the lifestyle associated to your business.

Do these things first before you start marketing on Twitter

Twitter marketing tips

  • Try to add unique content and not just generic content you find on the internet.
  • Each tweet should include no more than three relevant hashtags.
  • Be careful not to post anything controversial or make any negative comments.
  • Retweet followers’ posts
  • Use a social media scheduling application, e.g. Buffer or Hootsuite to automatically post your tweets.
  • Use Bitly to shorten your web links. (This will not be necessary if you are using Buffer).
  • Use your mobile to tweet on the go.
  • Interact with users who have a lot of followers.
  • Use Twitter advertising to get more followers, or to try to sell a product.
  • If you are interested in launching paid campaigns on this platform, use Promoted Trends to advertise your content.
  • To maximize effectiveness, tweet a minimum of 5 times a day.
  • Use Twitter analytics to measure your performance and find potential influencers.

How to find the right niche influencers on Twitter

What content should I tweet?

The type of content you need for this social media platform are visuals such as videos and images, inspirational quotes, and seasonal themes. Tweet about:

  • Special deals, promotions and events.
  • Ask your followers for their point of view on a topic.
  • Comment on what’s trending to increase engagement.
  • Run a contest.
  • Share an insight into your work life and that of your employees.

Twitter marketing mindmap

Twitter Marketing Mindmap

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