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Planning your website theme

Choose your web theme wisely. To create the ultimate shopping experience for your web visitors, you need to offer them the virtual equivalent of a physical shop. Think about your storefront. What colors would you paint it? What fonts would you choose for your price tags and the sign above the door?

Web design best practices

  • Web design should be consistent across all pages in terms of fonts, size, graphics, and colors.
  • Except for red, “buy” buttons can be in any color.
  • Do not litter your website with annoying pop-ups. This can result in visitors leaving your site.
  • Do not use too many colors in your theme. Four is usually sufficient.
  • Use call-to-action (CTA) links sparingly across your site.
  • Include any testimonials, reviews and industry awards.

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Choosing your web theme

More people are buying products from their phones than ever before. I suggest you purchase a mobile-responsive template, or install it from your content management system (CMS). Select your template before getting your logo because it is easier to change the logo than it is to make changes to a theme stylesheet. There’s no point in purchasing a green and white theme for your website when you have a purple logo; the colors will clash.

You want your website to look appealing. You may also find that you want to apply your theme color scheme to your business cards and any other promotional products you have to offer.

Why to find web themes

If you are looking for themes and templates for your website, try

If you want a unique template, you can employ the services of a digital agency, or find a freelance web designer on websites such as, and, if you simply want to change the color scheme and layout of an existing theme template.

If you are self-hosting your website, you will find your theme folders in your File Manager usually in a folder named “Themes”. It will have a “.css” file extension and will be named “style.css”.

Cascading stylesheets (CSS) are used to describe the look and format of HTML elements on your website. Your theme folder is likely to contain multiple stylesheets that will apply to different sections of your website. Some web templates are sophisticated enough to allow you to make changes to the colors and fonts from the CMS dashboard, which means that you won’t have to access the File Manager.

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